Sunday, November 27, 2011


It unfortunately occurred to me yesterday that I have spent the last few weeks trotting around as quite the hypocrite.  I drone ON and ON ad-nauseam about how I do races that are SOOOO hard because I don't think about them and I'm so effing stellar at shit that I just SHOW up and run around on mountains without pre-thought.  Man I even annoy myself sometimes...well then there was Worlds Toughest Mudder.  I from the jump said "NO" I said it quite adamantly and quite abrasively refused to even consider it.  To me, it was a dumb idea.  A 24 hour race in the Dirty Jerz in DECEMBER where there is shit like electrified barbed wire strung over ice that you have to low crawl under/across, something called a cerebral something which is basically just " hey get in there it's a pool that is a lovely 40 degrees and we dyed the water purple".  A ten mile loop of all this BS for 24 hours and the winner is whomever does the most...the rest...catch up. 

SO if you know me at ALL, or know me well I guess, you'd know I hate few things.  I hate the abbreviation "lol".  Whenever I read it I hear little japanime girls giggling in my head and it bugs me.  I hate being late and people who are late, I hate driving, I hate when I cook oatmeal in the microwave and it boils over the bowl and I hate....HATE being cold. 

EVERYTHING inside of me is telling me that I do NOT want to do WTM.  It will definitely be cold.  It will DEFINITELY be cold.  It will DEFINITELY be cold.   However,  after a night of vodka, Styrofoam sword fighting and plaid clad Narnian Pirates, with no regard for what I want Josh and Margo The Great tricked me into the point where I didn't even fill out the form myself I just threw plastic around and allowed things to be charged to my bank account.  It really wasn't until today that I realized that in order to be able to continue to state truthfully that I do dumb things because I at one point I have told myself I couldn't do them...I had to do this event.

 So there ya go...I am registered.  The event is in 3 measly weeks and I am fully and in true Katya form completely and totally unprepared.  I will be amongst friends which is awesome but I'm not at ALL looking forward to it.  I know that most people sign up and they are SO pumped "I'm SO pumped I just want to crush it" yea we all know that ain't my style...I'm a fan of comfort and leisure and flannel sheets and leather man chairs.  I don't like rocks and mud or "the suck". 

SO I shall be in Jersey in a few weeks if anyone needs me to pick anything up.  I have no idea what it's going to be like because I refuse to read anything other than the required gear list and rules.  What's really starting to annoy me is I could have instead bought a pair of Christian Louboutin Miss Clichy pumps (well one of them) inSTEAD of registering for this it's going to be done out of SPITE!!!


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  1. Fergus Kanaiaupune HykeNovember 27, 2011 at 7:51 PM

    Maybe you call it spite, and maybe it is. From my vantage point it looks like something else to me....something called follow-through. More people should really think about that! You made some crazy decision in some moment of inebriation-good for you! What separates you from most is that your word actually means something to you. Nothing more annoying to me than someone who says something when you know damn well it's not going to happen! So I'll crack open a cold one for you, and thanks for the lesson:)