This list is to help you know what I am talking about when I make up words...it will NOT help you transliterate my typing but it may clear up a thing or two.

<3/less than three/ heart - we likey
AMRAP - as many rounds as possible
BOOM!!! - and what/thats right/howdoyalikemenow
DONSIES - done and done
EFFING - F******
EPIC - epic
FOR DEF - yes
FOR REALSIES - most def
G2O - ground too overhead
GLOBO - Sport and Health
HSPU - hand stand push up
HRKLAWJIR:AJI:SAJKLF:ASC - Key board mash, used to express extreme emotion.  Can be a good or bad thing. (this one jsut happened to start with an "H" but they can be made up of any combination of letters, numbers, characters)
IMMEDS - immediately
LAME DUCK SAUCE - something stupid
MINI ME a.k.a. MINI a.k.a. MY MINI- Alissa Nicholson
MMKN - maybe
MOST DEF - for def
NAP OPS - taking a nap
OBVI - obviously
PROBS - probably
REdick - ridiculous
SCANDIE - scandal/scandalous
SHOPPING OPS - going shopping
SM  - Step Mill
SNACK OPS - feeding
SRSLY- seriously
SWEAT OPS - training
TANNING OPS - laying out on the deck
TOTES - totally
WOD - workout of the day

Words can be used in couplets ans triples just roll with it.