Tuesday, August 16, 2011

AirForce 1...2...3...4....ok stop

I JUST DELETED THE WHOLE POST!!!!!! WHYYYYYYY this is not real...i had like 4 paragraphs composed and just LITERALLY turned all of the words into SIMPLY the letter "a" I hate technology and myself right now.

SO I was talking to my girl Margo the Great yesterday and I had thought of something to write about today that at the time I thought "I don’t need to write this idea down I will OBVI be able to remember it as it is genius."  I forgot what it was.

Well let’s see what can I talk about instead?

I supposed my workout will suffice.  I came across this WOD while looking for shirts the other day.  I realized Saturday, while trying to create a look for my evening outing with an old friend from DLI, that I had no normal clothes.  98% of my clothing has been engineered to  either: dry quickly with wicking, keep me cool, keep me warm, not bunch up, move well, move quickly, be breathable and all in all promote physical activity.  I realize that I dress constantly in preparation to be attacked...who wears ENGINEERED clothing. I needed to dress like a normal person and was at a loss.  SO I went online window shopping and stumbled on a WOD…I can’t focus on things for too long OBVI.

It’s called the “AirForceWOD” sounds easy enough I mean I was a marine I can do all things air force right? HAHAHAHAHAH riiiiiiiiiight this thing hurt my feelings and its still under debate as to whether I actually HAVE those things or not. 
With ONLY 65# complete the following for time:
20 thrusters
20 Front squats
20 OHS
20 Push Jerks
Every minute on the minute that it takes you to do this you have to do 4 burpees….which means  if you are doing your 20 thrusters and the clock hits 1:59 you had better drop and get your 4 burpees in…I am ALMOST positive that there was a point where the 4 burpees TOOK me a minute to complete.  I really sucked at this workout I have no idea why…I blame the fact that I ate a lot of banana bread on Sunday and didn’t drink enough water…it can’t POSSIBLY be that it was hard.

I made Sarah do it (I always make her do terrible things its payback for not running my life the way she is supposed to be) and she did an awesome job in 12 minutes.  Some dude in some video did it in less than 4 minutes and I wanted to smash his face in with my foot but again I think I was just jealous. 

Getting yourself back to where you want to be or where you “used” to be is SOOOO annoying.  Why am I not there already?  I have been working at it for 2 days, I should be as good as I once was by now.  I have no idea why it doesn’t work that way but I think, as an instant gratification kind of chick, I struggle with slow progression and building strength, endurance, flexibility and speed are 4 of the 5 hardest things in the world to build next to pyramids or maybe dams…I feel like dams are hard to build.

*********TIP OFTHE DAY*************
Spaghetti Squash….srsly look into it.  If you LOVE pasta but are aware of its impact on your glycemic levels then spaghetti squash is your friend…your BEST friend…like…the friend that will tell you when your hair looks ridiculous or there is something in your teeth.

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