Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Devil Wears Pink

So I made a deal with the devil this afternoon.  The devil happens to be this incredibly hot red head-ed number (no I'm not homosexual she's just way hot) who sells memberships at my globo.  She brought it to my attention, in a very pointed manner, that my blog breaks up the monotony of her day and I hadn't blogged in 6...no sorry I was corrected...SEVEN (you can't caps lock numbers so you have to type them out to get the emphatic effect) days .  I told her that I would write tonight.  She made me promise to follow through (apparently she knows about my affinity  for procrastination and aimless staring).  I agreed that if I did NOT in fact post something by COB today she was permitted no suspend my gym privies until I put words on paper...or screen...whatever.  So my hand was forced today lucky for you I have a few things I can think of to talk about.

First thing:  I, Katya J. McCabe, rode my very first full length Earth Rodeo this afternoon.   The VA area was hit with its, I am going to go ahead and claim this next statement as fact, FIRST ever earthquake.  In my OBVI well trained for such an event state, (while others ducked under desks and ran outside...not sure why they did that I think you are supposed to get in the tub or something) I simply put my food on the floor as I did not want it to spill.  In hind sight probs not the most effective course of action but we can all now see where my priorities lie in moments of danger.  My second instinct was to text the devil and ask her if the gym was being lame and closing to which she replied "Hell NO!" good answer Diabla good answer.

Second thing:  My work out today was aiiiiiiight...not as AMAZING as the one I had Sunday but Sunday was an exceptional day.   I was motivated by good old fashioned femme on femme competition Sunday and that can't be replicated on one's own.  There is nothing  like doing pull-ups in front of broads who look at you sideways  with an overly tanned faces that just SCREAM  "who does SHE think she is?".  Imma show you EXACTLY who I am honey.  Anyways...today was 50# vest on the SM then wall walks (10) hang cleans (10) one armed KB snatches (10 each arm) push press (10) X 5...and go.  Felt good shoulders were screaming at me which means it worked.  I had one of those workouts where there were new people in the gym and I could tell they were conversing about what the hell i was doing when performing the wall walks so I muted my iPod just to make sure.  Sure enough they were trying to figure out what body part was being exercised by walking on a wall...all of them gentlemen...all of them.

Third thing:  So I paid this chick to pour acid on my face today in hopes that it would make me look awesome...it worked I look REALLY awesome right now.  Tomorrow I will resemble a lizard and by Thursday my face will molt and I will scare children and democrats (who are we kidding I scare democrats daily) ahh the things that I do in order to refuse to age.   This ritual i kind of blame on my mom.  She got me started in this process the summer before 6th grade and well...I have been neurotic about my skin ever since...yea I know it sounds crazy to have your 12 year old get chemical peels but my mom is well...fancy.

************* tip o the day***********
if your big toenail has turned black and is about to fall off...sephora by OPI in "shopping frenzy" will cover that hot mess right up...ignore it and it will go away....until it falls off in your shoe.


  1. Tip of the day is NASTY!!!! This is hilarious. I have just stopped bugging you to blog. Thanks to the DEVIL!!!!

  2. Now if you wear corrective shoes and you got big bunyons,
    Toenails smell and look like onions,
    Don't doowutchyalike--
    Go see a foot doctor tonight!