Saturday, September 24, 2011

Way to Think That Through

So as some of you may or may not know I had to make a major life change recently.  Again some of you know why some don't and blog I don't have to tell ya if I don't want to and I don't want to so BOOM!!

I was forced against my will and the will of my Diabla to change globo gyms.  Yes I could have driven 2 hours a day one way to continue to be a member of S&H (which by the way I never cancelled my membership...hey Amanda...take care of that thanks ;)) but it's NOT really conducive to me or the recession..or the environment.

I am a new member of a little gym known in the area as Lifetime fitness.  It was pretty much the only choice I had, according to everyone, and I REALLY didn't feel like doing too much research so I went with the gen pop recommendation.
I need to address a few things to Lifetime Fitness who from here forward will be known as Globo the Remix. 
                #1.  Thank you for having an Aveda spa in your facility.  This will make it not hard at all to go oly lift my face off instead of getting a pedicure...way to think that one through.
                #2.  Why is there a water slide in here?  No really...why?
                #3.  While I understand that this is a family establishment if you could PLEASE refrain from hosting children's birthday parties in the room that is DIRECTLY next to the squat rack while I am power clean and pressing.  Here is the issue.  I get REALLY distracted REALLY easily and when I see little faces staring at me (and their dads) through the glass doors I forget to roll my shoulders and the bar lands on my clavicle and I blame them...the wee ones.  Also, 135# is kind of a lot to hold over your head and if you choose at the EXACT moment that I get it over my head to march the minions through THE WEIGHT LIFTING AREA I cannot be held responsible for their safety.  It's a dangerous thing tossing steel and let's face it if they spook me and danger ensues guess whose physical safety I am going to be more concerned with.  I revert back to my FIRST blog for those of you who are having trouble answering this question...I AM SELF INVOLVED.  If a human in training startles me and I dump...I'm dumping forward cause that's what you're supposed to do so watch out little Billy.  Don't worry you're young you heal quickly.
                #4.  I am going to be here a lot ladies and gentlemen and yes I will be upside down a lot so just get used to it...get use to it faster.
                #5.  I will end this rant on a positive note.  Bravo on the eye candy Globo the Remix...bravo.


  1. Dennis Miller, the FEMALE, Remix! Great stuff, girl.

  2. I nearly ran over someone's kid who was playing in front of the soap wall today. Kid had no idea how close he was to being trampled to death lol.