Thursday, July 21, 2011

7 minutes in crazy

So the definition of crazy is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different result correct? (kind of like my dating habits…BOOM!!) So what is the word that is defined as doing the same crazy thing repeatedly knowing that there will be no different results? I spent a decent amount of time…OK not decent but 30 minutes…yesterday trying to summon a word for my current state of motion which to me, would have been summed up by this mystery word that I am not privy to knowing.  I was about 7 minutes into a 30 AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) work out of 6X G2O with 95# (tune in tomorrow for the addition of a glossary and abbreviations page), 12 X wall ball (16#) and 24 X double-unders when I realized quite to my surprise and dismay that what I was doing was horrible and I still had to keep doing it for 23 more minutes.  It was really deceptive this little ditty.  It looked all cute and stuff written down on my piece of paper.  Nothing that only took up three lines on my lined ledger could POSSIBLY hurt my feelings, or my legs…I made it 33 hours into the Death Race for Pete’s sake! Sure enough though I was genuinely considering revising the definition of the word crazy…or mmkn (again…glossary) stupid. There is something to be said for pushing through something and completing a goal and blah blah blah but honestly I had already rucked with 50# for 30 minutes (who are we kidding it was 20 minutes) and done some front squats and split squats and really wanted nothing more than to justify my way out of the full 30 minutes.  “I haven’t eaten anything in a while” “It’s hot outside…not here in the globo but out there through the window above which is housed the AC vent…its hot” “The smoothie chick just got back from her break and she may be leaving soon and how will I get the specialized smoothie that I force them to make me that is not only nowhere even close to anything on the menu but comprised of things that, in their eyes, should never go together in a blender”  By 7 minutes I knew what the outcome of this dastardly plan was going to be and yet I continued…I think that is WAY less sane then thinking it was going to have a different conclusion. 
Dear Webster,
 You will be getting an email from me.

***I have decided to add a tip of the day.  Todays tip:  be friends with your crock pot.  Make 6 days worth of steel cut oats in your crock pot and portion it out into tupperware and put in the fridge.  Steel cut oats cook in 2 minutes in the microwave while you're adding coffee to your powdered coffeemate.  Breakfast for lazies..a.k.a. me... Done and Done.


  1. you're not lying... THAT workout sucked big time. And I didn't weighted ruck anything prior. During my AMRAP I was making eye contact with people at the gym in homes that they would strike up a conversation so I wouldn't have to continue the workout!! Those split squats were gnarly. I love/hate you!

  2. WAIT.... you did 30 AMRAP????????? THAT is crazy

  3. Katy, I believe the word you should substitute for CRAZY is COURAGE.. who in their right mind would ruck 50# for 20min on top of front/split squats? Who pushes on for 23 more minutes after feeling toasted and pooped out after just a short while into a wicked WOD? Who smiles in the face of defeat and sorrow after a crazy week (death race for 33 hours and week following)?

    People with courage do.. It's people with courage who can pick themselves up after slipping up and busting their ass. People with courage who welcome a challenge that might seem to great to overcome. It's people with courage who can be an inspiration to others because they fight through the pain, sweat, and tears. It's people with dreams bigger than most. It's people like Death Racers and WODer's.. It's people like you who have the courage.

  4. Love it. You're probably one of the raddest chicks I know. And I know a lot of rad chicks. Like, so many, I might as well be a lesbian. For real though, you're the raddest.

  5. There is no Bacon in your bfast?

  6. no...but there is bacon flavored bacon sauce that i dip my bacon fried bacon into.