Monday, July 25, 2011

With a Capital 'T"

Hey Monday we are not friends!  Those closest to me know about my minor emotional breakdown I had on Saturday night which led me to the misbehavior I participated in on , oj and 8 hour energies and what SOME can call a minor incident of breaking and entering but I left my born to run book somewhere and I had to get it back!  Anyways these things are NOT the best idea when you are crabby pants.  I don't advocate drinking...I don't even really drink that often or that much and to be fair I had one mason jar of the concoction Frank Nicholson made me for a photo shoot, and was blitzed by noon trying to participate in Spartan Race radio chat...not my finest moment (sorry Shawty, Mscan and Jim). 

I am a firm believer in consequences so today I was in trouble.  Monday we are not friends.  Dumb bell split squat cleans were invented by Satan...I am quite certain of it and shortly after drafting up those little gems Satan paced around for a minute or two and decided that his next great idea would be burpee dumb bell squat clean and presses...yay....booo...  So here is what went down:
                5 rounds for time:
                15 dumb bell split squat cleans(20#)
                12 burpee squat clean and press(20#)
                9 wall ball shots (20#)
                400m sprint
                9 wall ball shots (20#)
                12 burpee DB squat clean and press (20#)
                15 dumb bell split squat cleans (20#)
I have had some amazingly awful of which was the catalyst for this event but man...when I have a bad one I have a BAD one.  There was an actual moment when I thought "uh...srsly Katya its fine you can just ask all your friends to punch you in the throat it will be MUCH better and more than likely a LOT faster."   

These such actions have made me QUITE certain that I need constant supervision indefinitely.  I am no longer capable of making my own decisions so whomever feels up to the task of being in charge of me I am accepting applications IMMEDS!!!

This one is short as I feel like something a homeless liberal peed on.  Heed my warning's not worth the trouble.

***TIP of the DAY***
Dried woodland mushrooms...stay far far away from them...they are NOT a good can't even chew them i have NO idea what they are used for but it is NOT salad.


  1. Re the mushrooms. You have to re-hydrate them. Like morels and trompets de mort, great in soups, sauteed or, as the French do, in a cream sauce (although that's only a once in a great while indulgence)....