Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is This Thing On?

I'm not sure what I'm doing at this exact moment and I'm hoping it comes to be gracefully and smoothly, maybe in my sleep or while I'm strolling in a park (I never do that).  More than likely clarity like all of my bright ideas, will hit me like Ike (too soon?) while I'm driving in NOVA traffic or in the middle of a meeting where I am SUPPOSED to be talking about NATO or IG's or whatever the Tiger contract is...yea I don't know either but it's a thing we talk about in meetings.  I digress...honestly you should all get pretty used to that.  I go off on tangents often and my favorite punctuation is "...".
I have been trying to figure out what I want this blog to be about.  My for lifsies bestie, Sarah (learn her name I will probs talk about her a lot), told me I need to have it focus on the things that people ask me about the most often.  The things that people are most interested in when it comes to me is "what do you eat" and "what is it you" ( I usually take that to mean physically no one really cares about my professional activities ) so I suppose until I become completely redundant and boring I will do just that. 
I have little to no experience blogging.  I wrote a blog for a few months "The Glamazons take on the peak Death Race" mmkn ( ahh you will also find that throughout the course of my writing I will implement rando Russian and Arabic words into my everyday English jargon...just use context clues and you should be OK) you've heard of it? Yes? NO? I mean We (Laura Loo a.k.a. Glamazon West) had like 30 followers we were KIND of a big deal. AHHH but my point is I'm a novice at this feel free to critique but know that I will pout if you're mean to me.
I SUPPOSE I should start with why I so narcissistically think that ANYONE cares to read ANYTHING that I say.  Which I have learned in Blog-spoke, translates into writing my bio.  I'm not that spectacular.  I'm in fact pretty average and borderline boring.  I was  flighty kid tried a bunch of stuff growing up mostly at the forced hand of Paula (mom) and mostly things that I didn't really care to try but they "made me a well rounded person".  Oddly enough none of them were sports.  I have always been pretty haphazard and slightly misguided and that continued into my late teens early 20's when I graduated high school and decided not to make anything of myself for a few years and bask in the joys of being able to get into local bars at age 19.  This did not bode all that well for me and by the time I turned 21 I realized something had to give or I was going to end up pretty useless.  Enter the United States Marine Corps.  I enlisted at the hand of my Father Capt Michael A. McCabe USNR on Oct. 10 2001 and started my ever so glamorous career as a Russian Cryptologic Linguist and Signal Intelligence Analyst (12 years and I still used spell check to spell intelligence).  Contrary to popular belief it is QUITE possible to get VERY out of shape in the Marine Corps...I'm POSITIVE I just got myself into a lot of trouble by saying that but it's true.  By the time I was nicely nestled into my BN I was hovering in the 200# range.  NO one believes it and I always get "but you're tall" or "you carried it really well" FYI gen pop...NEITHER of those turns of phrase are complimentary but I appreciate the sentiment of trying to still make me feel good about it.  With all honesty I totally OWN my former chub rock status it made me who I am today so I embrace is and I still get a kick out of the looks on people's faces when I tell them "HELL no I wasn't born this way".   GEEEZE this is getting long huh sorry it's the first one bear with me...or is it bare with idea. 
As I stated and will re-state a lot I'm a dabbler.  When I was introduced to the gym and told that eating a package of cheese filled hot dogs a night at 2am heavily inebriated was NOT in fact the best way to live forever (main goal) I did a figure competition and won then another and lost and quickly cane to the realization that I wasn't a HUGE fan of that genre of sports activity.  There is something to be said for heart and digging deep to find something in you that will render you triumphant.  Enter Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I could write an epic poem about BJJ.  there is NO better therapy that I can think of than that sport.  You are LITERALLY unable to focus on anything else in your life other than NOT getting choked out or NOT getting your arms's fantastic. I still hold a special place in my heart for BJJ it opened doors for me.  CrossFit doors, kettle bell doors, Olympic lifting doors.  These new doors opened more doors.  Mountain biking doors, snowboarding doors, adventure and obstacle racing doors, sports nutrition doors, Barn facility doors, Spartan doors, Simple Fuel doors and the doors of all of the abso fantastic people that have gotten me to where I am right now...which to you all may be quite insignificant but to me it just where I want to be.
To be frank ...or billy, the best way to learn all of the things that you care to know about me is to pay attention.  I'm not hard to read, I wear my emotions on my face ( a phrase I never understood as where ELSE would I ware them and if I DID wear the elsewhere how would people know when I am annoyed with them?) and I will d o my best to verbally explain the day to day Katya.  If you get nothing else out of what I write you will at least laugh once or twice if at ANYTHING my spelling and firm grasp on grammar.

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