Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dear Regs...

Good grief my barn is dusty.  I need to remedy that at some point today.  You all can go ahead and take bets on whether or not it will happen I will give you the over under (no I don't know what that means I don't gamble I just hear people say it on TV).

I wanted to talk to the regular people today.  I was going to hold off on this one because I don't want to come off as a person who floats around life picking out the flaws of everyone else.  I am WAY better at illustrating my own flaws as you will see in time, but this topic has for a long time always rubbed me slightly the wrong way.  Not to say that I don't understand the intention but's the delivery.  Now...when I say I would like to talk to the regular people I am referring to the marshmallows, the skinny fats, the sedimentary.  I am fairly certain none of the people who read my nonsense are any of those things...I can pretty much stake my life or my shoe collection on it (I like shoes) so I don't think I will be offending anyone.

TO my point...backhanded or backwards compliments...good grief.  I am aware of my stature trust me.  I know that you may not believe me "you don't see what you look like walking around in cut off shirts at the Giant" (thanks SP no WONDER I stopped dating you...idiot) yes I do.  "I bet you have no idea how crazy you look carrying that sand bag around do you?" yes I do.  I know that very few of my shirts have sleeves and I dress in a manner that if at any moment I were to be attacked I would be able to effectively run away...or Brabo choke someone.  I really think though that people forget that I am in fact a girl and that AS a girl there are certain adjectives that we just don't want to hear NO MATTER the intent. 

I don't want to walk into the Outback, where I go every Friday night for my dose of barely cooked red meat and steamed vegetable medley, and hear from one of the waitresses (I know them all...not by name but I go there a lot):

"You're looking really bulky!"

BULKY!!!!! WHAT?!?!?! YES I know what she meant but it's like knowing a foreign language.  You hear it said than you have to translate it in your head to get the meaning there is a split second where you are lost in translation. 

There was a day no to long ago where I walked into the man cave section of my globo gym and a woman who clearly had gotten lost on her way to Zumba exclaimed:

"You look HUGE!"

You're kidding me right.  Maybe....MAYBE if some obvi roided-meat-head-body builder (oh snap four word hyphenate!) had said that to me I would have been less stung by it but this chick was girly she should have known better.

"You're like...full sized"

To this I just said eff it and adopted as my own personal self assessment since I was called that on more than one occasion I decided it was fated.

"Well since you obviously aren't afraid of getting jacked you should do full grip pull-ups they SHRED your forearms"

I don't even know...

"Yea but you're NOT a girl so I figured it was OK"

NO no no Bobby...I am a girl I promise...I will give you the contact information of my waxer she can provide gender confirmation.

Now again...I know that none of these things were meant to startle me and I honestly am not offended by these descriptors, but that in and of itself leads me to believe that I may now just be de-sensitized.  None of the things people say will ever change my attitude towards training.  I don't train to look a specific way.  My body structure is a byproduct or side effect of things that I like to do and I don't plan on making adjustments.  So yes I'm " built like a line backer", have a "really broad back for a girl" and  walk around on my "tree trunks"...but I make this sh** look good so take a moment, regular people, and think about your delivery...thanks me and everyone like me appreciates it.

1 bag of frozen chicken (2#)
1 can of salsa
1 can of black beans
1 can of tomatos
3 chopped jalapenos
1 chopped onion
crop pot on low before bed and you will wake up to prepped food for the day BOOM!!!


  1. Love it. And now I shall share it.

  2. Look, I get it. I am one the ones with the sandbag. I am about 30lbs overweight. I look in the mirror and am disgusted. Everything in me seems to want to shed the weight in warrior-like fashion. I just get so damn comfortable with coasting. The ability to do this is in me I just can't seem to flip the switch. Any advice? It can be as raw as it needs to be.

  3. ha, i appreciate this post as it is something i constantly have to deal with. i think people are just generally ignorant and insecure so basically, i ignore them and enjoy the fact that i am in better shape!

  4. Rory...Happy to help send me an email you can get the addy from my website

  5. Katy, I e-mailed you. Thanks in advance.